Welcome to the c word

I rarely show the world what is going on inside it is just not my style. I hide pain and constantly worry about worrying other people and how they will feel about how I am feeling. I keep my problems to myself and sometimes even from my closest friends. Well not this time.

I have been on the c word roller-coaster (I'm calling it the c word to go easy on the faint hearted) for over three weeks now and have decided it is a good idea to write down what's happened, happening and going to happen then whoever wants to keep up to date can without being forced to hear about it through emails from me. Because you will all have days where you just can't or don't want to hear about this. I get that it’s ok.

I hope not but you also might meet people or know people who go through something similar and it might just help them in some way to know they are not alone and when they fall apart it is ok because who wouldn’t. When you read this please forgive grammar and spelling etc I have not slept for three days and sorry too if it is up and down that is pretty much how I am doing most days.

- Tuesday 23rd February 2010

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Out of the blue

So after some nice food, sunshine and cat cuddles I am feeling more level headed, I am alone but ok. I bought a new rug the other day yes yes it is bright probably not your thing but it is mine and I love it so I painted the kitchen steps to match it and I am going to pop out and varnish them in the garden.

Just promise me everyone, tell yourself, tell your friends, tell strangers to be vigilant at checking your breasts. Please. That is men too yes men can get breast cancer too. 'Over 45,600 women and around 300 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK'.

I am totally going to get this damn cancer out of me and then work my arse off to limit the damage to anyone else. It is all about finding it early and supporting the research to find prevention and new less drastic treatment.

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